World-class manufacturing capability

Established in 2019, SeeHo Film Co., Ltd is located in Dushan Port Economic Development Zone, Pinghu, Zhejiang Province, China.
SeeHo specializes in high-end automotive film, from research and development, manufacturing to sales. We offer a wide range of film products including paint protection film, thermal insulation film, color changing film, architectural film, and more.

  • Automated production line
    In order to ensure the high quality production of clear PPF and window film, we invest automated prodcution lines of high precision, automation, efficiency, complete auxiliary functions and automatic defect detection. We are able to supply films in all standard sizes from 12” to 72".
  • level 1,000 GMP modernization standard dust-free workshop
    In order to produce high-end products, we invested in high-standard dust-free workshop in the entire industry. Its total area is nearly 3000 square meters. The purification level of the coating workshop reaches Class 1000. It maintains a constant temperature and humidity level to ensure the precision, cleanliness, and stability of each product.
  • Export to 85+ countries around the world
    SeeHo is available in over 85 countries through 3,000+ certified dealers.

develop new products and supervised strictly

Formulation development

The coating technology is the core of our paint protection film. In order to make the best products, our R&D team cooperate with the top coating research institutions in the United States and Germany. SeeHo have developed a variety of exclusive customized coating formulations over decades.

ISO9001 quality management system

The quality assurance has been propelling SeeHo forward as a leading manufacturer, we strengthen the whole process testing standards to ensure the stable quality of products in each meter by investing in various testing equipments, implementing the quality management system of ISO9001 strictly.

Strict & Professional Testing

In order to ensure the excellent quality of car film products, SeeHo has invested heavily in purchasing a series of imported high-end testing equipment and establishing an outdoor testing base covering the world. It adopts international advanced scientific testing standards to conduct multiple quality inspections on car film, just to ensure our production. Every meter of the car film can withstand the test of various complex climatic environments around the world.
  • Professional
  • Focus
  • Development
  • Innovation


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Color PPF
Matte PPF
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